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    Practice Areas

    Labour law

    We provide advice on employment contracts, consulting agreements, handling of labor law disputes and advice on labor law concepts.

    Banking & Finance

    Cloud Lawyer provides legal advice on leasing, seed capital, shareholder contributions, acquisition financing and other types of financing.

    Company Law

    Cloud Lawyer assists you in all your company’s phases – from company formation, preparation of shareholders’ agreements, new share issuance, reorganisations, divestments and liquidations.


    Cloud Lawyer has experience of mergers and acquisitions in all industries.


    Cloud Lawyer can assist you in your handling of personal data, establishing data processing agreements (DPA:s), policies, analysis of your business, etc.

    Intellectual Property Law

    Cloud Lawyer helps you manage, optimize and protect your intellectual property rights.

    Influencer law

    Cloud Lawyer helps influencers to start their business, enter into collaboration agreements and to comply with applicable law.

    Commercial Agreements

    Cloud Lawyer prepares and reviews cooperation agreements, supplier agreements and other commercial agreements.

    Startup law

    Cloud Lawyer helps startups do better and more efficient business. With our extensive knowledge in law, we help you avoid unnecessary risks and create business.

    Why Cloud Lawyer?


    Our lawyers have experience in assisting companies in complex business law issues and are technically savvy with access to the latest digital tools.


    At Cloud Lawyer you only pay for the legal advice. We are experts on automation and don’t have any unnecessary costs related to invoicing, book-keeping, administration and offices.


    No one likes unwanted surprises. At Cloud Lawyer you always know the cost of your legal advice. We provide a free estimate within 24 hours during all the days of the year.


    All advice are provided through our encrypted cloud-based platform with integrated chat, video calls, file-sharing and digital notes.


    Cloud Lawyer consists of carefully selected lawyers, most of whom have at least three years of experience from working at top tier business law firms. We have lawyers that cover all business law practice areas.
    The standard rate for our service is SEK 1500 per hour. Subscribers and partners have lower costs under separate agreements.
    If you are not satisfied with the advice and the shortage is due to the lawyer, he or she will fix it free of charge.
    Our lawyers are bound by confidentiality and process your legal documents with utmost care. We store and archive your documents in our secure database pursuant to applicable law.

    About Cloud Lawyer

    Cloud Lawyer challenges the traditional, conservative legal profession by offering smart innovative legal solutions. We are experts in start-up law and offer cost-effective services. We are passionate entrepreneurs with a special love for law. Our vision is to become an alternative for companies that prioritize smart, flexible and cost-effective legal advice.